Success Equestrian Deluxe Jumper/AP Correction Half Pad

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Fully contoured and designed to fit neatly under most saddles, our correction half pad has four pockets and includes two inserts each for maximum adjustability, all neatly hidden beneath an easy to use Velcro closure. The high quality no-slip grip material lines the bottom to keep from slipping on any saddle pad. The inner layer is open cell, breathable and shock absorbing foam and a strategically and discreetly placed no-slip grip on the top helps keep your saddle from slipping……. it’s hardly noticeable when tacked up. Available in black and white, one size, 23” long.

Easy to wash. Remove inserts before washing and close Velcro. Use cool water and a non- bleach detergent. Hang dry. Non-bleach stain remover safe.